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SexySia's Description

I am a busty 38GG woman who loves to give erogenous massages & loves to suck cock. Something about wrapping my full lips around a cock makes my pussy so juicy I just explode, and believe me it happens, I can't wait for you to hear me. Let's be real we are all here to reach our sexiest fantasies and voyages so why not reach them together.
I once went with my ex to a sex party in London. The women were dressed in the most delicately laced underwear (I have a fetish about this) which is why it ended with lots of women around me, playing with me, kissing me, licking me, touching me, watching me, all while being fucked by my guy..
I really would like to suck off 2 men at the same time, then have them shoot their load all over my big round 38GG tits. Dripping warm cum hanging on my brown areolas and my pussy wanting some action.
I LOVE giving ORAL. Feeling that dick rise in my mouth is so sexy. Sucking on the head making it wet and messy!My mouths so warm and juicy ready for you to release your load in..Call me to hear..

Personal Number: 3566

Country: GB flag

Languages: EN flag

Last Online:
24 May 2020

SexySia's Private Diary

Text to my ex at work.. added 26th June, 2019, 12:09

I pat my pussy and start to wine and slowly grind on the tip of your cock. Eye contact as I rise up on top of you and your dick. Spit on your cock, then it slowly penetrates my chocolate pussy...Then that pree cum starts to lube us up nicely. That's going to send us WILD!! My warm pussy bouncing on the very tip...when I reach behind spit on my hand and start playing with your balls, massaging them. You start to rub my clit to bring me to my peak...looking directly into my eyes, you start to feel me shudder!! Arching my back you start ferociously kissing my tits, bitting my neck and holding me so tight gripping my thighs....You can feel that warm pent up energy ready to release deep inside slam your cock in me so much I start to cum on it and you don't stop! You tell me you can't wait to taste my creamy pussy. I feel you breathing heavily and your now ontop of me. Your cock is rock hard & you slap it on my pussy playing with my clit and my pulsating wet...then you push it in slowly enough to get my juices on it and then in my mouth so I can taste myself! You make me watch myself in the mirror tasting every last inch of your cock. Then you kiss me passionately.... i scream FUCK! I lick the shaft up and down making my mouth water with excitement.. the tip is getting the work at this point and your grabbing my head to hit the back of my throat uncontrollably because you can't wait! I'm giving the the triple sloppy combo (2 hands at the bottom of your cock rotating in different directions with a sexy amount of sloppy all over the place. Balls wet as fuck.. saliva on the tip of my tongue still attached to your cock) moaning so loud you have to put it bk in and fuck and kiss me to shut me up slightly! You lay me out flat and kiss on my thighs. Bitting.. sucking...licking. I start moaning and you smirk. (You know what your about to do) You put your finger in my mouth then put it in my pussy slowly. ...spitting on it making it fatter and juicy ready for my pussy to cream in your mouth whilst you suck on my clit. You tongue down my pussy and kiss it in circular motions making me grab your head and push it in deeper. You put 2 fingers in and motion upwards to find that honey spot. You watch my pussy pulsate beating uncontrollably. I start scratching your back and start thrusting my pelvis towards your mouth even more and you go wild eating me out. I grind on your face crying in ecstasy. You spit in my pussy and whisper in my ear that your going to fill me up with your huge nut!! You push it deep in me and give me some sexy nice strokes that makes me arch my back and toes curl. Tonguing me down, gripping my neck making me choke. Loving on me intensely, looking into my eyes you are about to come! Telling me how much you cant wait for your cock to explode in me & dribble down my cunt... By the way... how's your day going babe?

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