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"Home, alone and very fucking horny, cum play with me" 14:04

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Sidonie's Description

Hi Guys, my name is Sidonie and I am the sexy BBW next door. I am a size 14/16 and have 40D sized Tits that are firm and bouncey- ideal for you to suck on & get your cock rubbed with. I have a shaved bald pussy thats sits at the top of long, thick musclely legs- perfect for wrapping around your neck! I get super wet, slippery and cum like hose! So if you like your women with a little extra to hold on to- then i am the girl for you!

Personal Number: 4702

My naughty secret: My naughtiest secret is that i once had lesbian sex with my former boss for a promotion- while my ex boyf filmed it! What made it even naughtier- we did it in her bed, while her husband was at work! YOu will need to come and see me to ask if i actually got the promotion!

I would love to: I would love a fucking machine where you can tie me up and just watch me as you make me cum and cum and cum until i have nothing left to flow! I also fancy a bit of dogging! I would love to be fucked while being watched by total strangers that you can't see! That really turns me on!

I'm expert in: phone chat, food play, sexy films, fingering my own pussy, blow jobs, texting, smoking, pussy licking, self loving, role play,financial humiliation, heels, sexy lingerie

Country: GB flag

Languages: EN flag

Last Online:
6 Apr 2019

Sidonie's Private Diary

New Fuckbuddy added 1st May, 2018, 00:09

Now, for all of you who talk to me regularly, you will know all about my wonderful fuckbuddies! These chaps are the source of many of kinky, nasty and downright horny stories. I thought you might like to know a bit more about the cocks i am sucking and fucking and even though i have written about them before, i thought you might like a little more detail!
Today, i am going to tell you about one of them!

He is my 23 yr old i call Jack Rabbit- because he is fast furious and goes all night long- like the duracel bunny! He is quite skinny and lanky, with a big cock- around 8-9" im guessing and it is quite thick. I can not make my fingers meet when i wank him and a blow job always stetches my mouth out. It is too long for me to put every bit in my mouth, so i deep throat what i can and fondle the rest- wank on the bottom, suck on the top!
He is eager to please and willing to learn, which is always a bonus and has a marvellous tounge technique that when he is eating my Pussy, i come over and over again, quickly, hard and fast- his record is 6 times- just with his tounge- not including his cock! He makes me shoot my juices all over his mouth and face and gets disapointed when i have to climb off for bit of rest!
But he has to get me plenty wet enough so i can take his massive dick!
He has a very basic technique- but OMG it's a great one! this guy will go again and again and again!
Last weekend, during the sunny weather, we decided yo make a weekend of it. He came to mine on Friday night and walked through the door, while pulling his knob out. He didn't even say hello to me, just walked straight up to me and forced and that tree trunk of a cock right down my throat and began fucking my face. I was caught totally by surprse, so had to suck it, choke and gag on it- but it was such a turn on. He came with a huge creamy load right in my mouth and a loud yell and groan. Pumping into my face, while his balls emptied into my mouth every last drop he had.
With out a beat, he pushed me back, so i was laid flat on the aofa and ripped of my little white lace thong and just stuck his face in my pussy. He ate my pussy like he was starving and in minutes i climaxed loud and messy- but he didn't stop there, he just kept on licking way, giving me the most almighty tounge fucking until i came again.
He had done it so fast and made me cum so hard, i tried to push him off so my clit could calm down, but he pushed me back down and went in again for another drenching. I think i climaxed in seconds this time and it seemed to go on and on and on forever.
I begged him not to do it again, as my pussy was so sensitive that i was sure even his breath would make me gush again.
He sat up, wiped his mouth, chin and neck and grinned. I could see how wet the neck of his top was from all my cum.
He pulled his shirt off and said, Got any wine?
What an amazing start to a 48 hour fuck fest!
He left around Sunday lunch time and i was fucked out! It was so amazing and i came so much, i am surprised i wasn't dehydrated.
We did so much over that weekend- but is just your taster!
OMG, i am actually getting so horny just writing about this and reliving it all again!
If you want to know what else we got up to, then give me a call or come and cam and ask! Maybe i can recreste it for you if you ask very nicely!

Next time, i will introduce to the second of my three fuckbuddies and give you a glimpse into how he gets me off!
Have a great week my lovelies!
Love always
Sidonie xx

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