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GB flag Skylarr

"i'm here and feeling naughty x" 18:50

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Skylarr's Description

Lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets, that definition was written for me.
Anyone who knows me would say I'm a quiet, down to earth, polite lady. But they don't know the other side of me!
There's a fire burning inside me, it's a fire full of lust and it's about to explode.
I experimented with another woman in my naughty teens and can't help fantasizing about licking pussy and being fucked from behind with a nice hard cock.
My favourite thing in the world is spending ages on my knees giving a hard cock and balls the attention they deserve. As much as I love cock in my pussy I also love anal. Double penetration is my thing, I just can't get enough of it.
Rolling my tongue piercing around a hard cock.
Eating ass like it's going out of fashion.
Taking anal like a boss.
Twerking on that Dick.
And I'm also a expert in waking up the neighbours.

Personal Number: 0871

Country: GB flag

Languages: EN flag

Last Online:
19 hours ago

Skylarr's Private Diary

exercise ball added 16th April, 2019, 13:48

Dear Diary, I haven't written in a few months. I've been so busy with work and trying really hard not to fuck my client "Mr Fit" however something happened this morning so I just had to share with you.
at 6am today myself and Mr Fit where the only ones in the gym. Our sexual chemistry has certainly been building and today he arrived at the gym with a new hair cut and looked so sexy, from the moment he walked through the door I knew this wasn't going to go well. We finished our session and it was time for Mr Fit to leave but instead he hung around and stayed chatting to me while I did my workout.
I sat on the large blue exercise ball and Mr Fit offered to hold my feet while I started my reps of sit ups. I didn't need his help but hey he offered. I was wearing my 3/4 length leggings and I was surprised when his warm hands grabbed my ankles. I instantly got fanny flutters and became aroused. Mr Fit then began rubbing my calf with his right hand. I finished my first set of reps and sat up lifting my arms in the air I stretched my abs before my next set. all of a sudden Mr Fit said " i cant handle this anymore" his right hand grabbed the back of my neck with a tight, firm grip. He pulled my face into his and kissed me deeply, putting his large tongue into my mouth I was taken aback by the size of his tongue and couldn't help but imagine how it would feel on other parts of my body. He moved his left hand over my breasts and teased my nipple before moved it across my stomach behind my back and then down to the top of my leggings. As his fingers started making their way into my leggings the gym door opened and we were startled by the entrance of elderly women here for their morning class. with that myself and Mr Fit quickly separated. He grabbed his bottle and keys making his way to the changing rooms. I finished my work out harder than I think I ever have feeling insanely horny. I just finished my workout and made my way to the changing room and Mr Fit was exiting the male changing rooms. He gave me a warm smile and said "i'm looking forward to our session Thursday" i replied with "me too" he then kissed me on the cheek and made his way out of the gym. My mind is working overtime wondering whats going to happen Thursday.

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