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SweetKitten's Description

I am as my name suggests; Sweet... but just like a kitten I have a naughty streak. I have been described as an addiction so proceed with caution! ;)
I was given the nickname "Kitten" in college (short for "Sex Kitten" of course) due to my talent for turning any straight girl or cocky guy into a love struck puppy following me around campus...
Describe all the naughty things I have been getting myself in to today... I should really be punished for all this mischief.
Oral, Deepthroat, Anal, Double penetration, Cumming... A lot, Girl on girl, Dildo fun, Sex addiction (not to cure it, just excessively abuse it with you!)

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SweetKitten's Private Diary

A friend in need is a friend indeed... A friend with kink is better! added 24th December, 2015, 01:39

I am known among many I have met to be very generous and caring. So when my work friend Lily came to me and asked for a favor I immediately said, "of course!" She had not told me what the favor was but I wasn't really concerned; it was most likely a ride to the airport or something. We agreed to meet on our lunch break that day to discuss the "favor".
My curiousity perked when I saw her sitting at a secluded table in the back of the restaurant; she usually liked to sit right up front in the action which was something I loved about her. We always had a blast when we got together and she was cool with me being into guys and girls but had early on in our friendship made it clear to me she was not into it girls. She loved to use the term "strictly dickly". I waved and smiled as I walked up and she returned my smile with a wickedly hot smirk that shot right to my clit and made me stumble on a nonexistent crack in the floor. Wow! What was that about? As I regained my composure and slid into the empty chair across from her I noticed that she had not stopped staring at me. "What are you up to?" I asked now with my own smirk. "I want to take some sexy pictures for Gary(her current boyfriend) and I was hoping you would help me?" I agreed so we skipped lunch to go to the sex shop for supplies.
Lily has always had an outgoing personality but it always surprised me at how shy she would get when talking about sex. The sex shop that I found so empowering made her feel like running to church. I took her hand and lead her to the clothing section. She picked a fabulously tight red and black corset that made her breasts inflate over the top with ever breath she took. I quickly grabbed the black cut out dress I had been depriving myself of for no good reason and we ran back to work. Lily requested I go to her place after work to take the pictures and she giggled as she skipped down the hall back to her desk. It was great to see her really excited to do something out of her comfort zone.
The last 4 hours of the day were a struggle... I couldn't concentrate! All I could think about were flashes of Lily in different poses while wearing her new corset. I must have been brainstorming for the photo shoot later I reasoned... Being that Lily made it clear she wasn't into girls I tried to not fantasize about things like how hot the curve of her ass was in everything she wore or how sweet her pussy must taste.
Finally work was over and we were on our way to do a sexy photo shoot. Lily got dressed quickly with a huge grin across her face as soon as we got in the door. We did a few fun ones around the house to loosen up and then we went to the bedroom. I directed her to lay across the bed with her head hanging off it a little to show off how great her tits looked in the corset. I got closer so I could get a good overhead shot. As the camera struggled to focus I felt fingertips on the inside of my thigh. Startled, I backed up, apologized and asked if I had gotten too close. Lily just shook her head slowly and looked at me with come fuck me eyes. My neck and face started to redden and I felt my pussy lips getting slick. "The pictures aren't the favor." Lily said. "Gary has a fantasy about coming home and walking in on me with another woman... He'll be home any minute now..."
I felt my hands fall down to her shoulders and my fingertips began to wander toward those soft full breast as I noticed Lily's neck and chest reddening too. I realized this wasn't for Gary as I pushed my fingers between her thighs and felt how harm and wet her black sparkly thongs were, how eager she was to push her tongue inside my cunt and that Gary never came home that night...

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