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I'm a submissive girl, who loves to be naughty! Boys and girls of all ages are my poison! Fill me with your hard cock or even that fat toy of yours and hear me scream as I cum! Hard and rough or slow I won't tell you no! And if all else fails shove it down my throat! ;3 cum play with me and I promise I won't disappoint!
I'm your dirty little secret! Anything you says go! Don't keep me waiting baby. Come take me anyway you want me ;P
Would love to have both or all three of my holes stuffed to the brim! I just want to get double penetrated so badly! Listening to me scream as I cum all over those cocks mmm! Who wants to do it with me??
I'm amazing at blowjobs, experimenting, role playing, some bondage, submissive or little, and obedience.

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Over 12 months ago

TattooedBabe's Private Diary

The Female Side added 15th December, 2016, 19:18

We met at the bar, only socially at first. She was a gorgeous woman, slender and long dark hair. She caused me to become wet and hot for the very taste of her. As the night progressed on, she showed signs of wanting the same thing from me. I invited her to my house, only to see how aroused she became through her eyes. She agreed and came home with me. Not knowing what she was really okay with, I took it slow. Showing her each room of my house until we made it to my room. She invited herself in, and lie down on my bed; her skirt rising to right above her pussy.

The lacey black panties she wore, teased me so as I felt the need to taste underneath it rise. She giggled at me softly as I walked over to her and let my fingers run up her leg. She moaned softly at me and told me she wanted to feel good tonight. I promised her she would.

Running my fingers down her pussy, I felt her panties soak my fingers. She closed her eyes and gasped as I rubbed her clit through them, getting down on my knees. Pulling her panties aside, I licked at her slowly tasting her juices as they filled my mouth. I couldn't contain myself any longer as I pushed my face into her pussy. She moaned and pulled my hair softly as I ate her out. Letting her cum fill my mouth as she called my name out and moaned loudly. Sliding a finger in, I started to finger her deeply and quickly. One finger while licking her tender clit . . . two . . . and then three before she begged me to stop.

Standing up, I pushed her shirt and bra up to reveal her full and taste tits as I continued to finger her. She moaned even more as I felt her pussy clench my fingers as I nibbled and sucked on her tits. Pulling away from her suddenly, I went over and grabbed my toys and demanded she become naked for me. As I reentered the room, I found her naked and ready for me. So I joined her.

At first all I did was lie over top of her, so we each could suck, lick, and taste each others clits in our mouths. Fuck I wanted to hear her scream! As I turned away from her, I grabbed her a toy and pushed it deep in to her pussy. Fucking her hard and fast, I heard her scream and moan over the pleasure as her pussy gushed her cum down her ass.

Turning her over, I put her face down on the pillows and put my strap-on on. I slowly came up behind her as I played with the swollen clit of hers and asked her if she wanted it as badly as I did. She begged to have it, wanted it, needed it. Sliding that cock inside of her and pounding her pussy until she was screaming my name. She pushed on me, and I pulled her arms back to fuck her harder. I watched her drip with her cum as she begged me to stop. I slapped her ass and loved listening to her beg.

So much so, I pulled her up by her hair, still fucking her and listened to it. Pulling away from her, I watched her fall to the bed, exhausted and asked her if she wanted more. She couldn't handle more, but told me mine was coming next. I just smiled at her as I took my strap-on off and started to suck it clean. Until then my love. I look forward to cumming with you again.

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