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TinaTease's Description

Hi guys! I'm Tina Tease I have big deep blue eyes that you will not be able to resist. I love to get all wet for you and make you raging hard to explode and come with me.
It's all in the name... I love teasing! I have always been a big flirt with the guys, since I was in college. I can be quite the temptress and would go out of my way to tease the boys!I can look like the quiet shy girl on the outside, but if you getto know me a little better u will find my dark side
I would love to tie a man up and properly tease him for hours. I have a thing about keeping someone hard for hours! I will keep riding that cock, coming inside me and then putting bk in my mouth. I will milk you dry
Xxx cams, talking dirty, teasing, masturbation, stripping!

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TinaTease's Private Diary

My naughty thoughts. added 2nd December, 2014, 22:42

I cant stop thinking naughty thoughts about being dominated and restrained. i crave the thought of being tied down and punished vigorously. i would like to be face down with my ankles tied to delicate wrists. then i would like a hard throbbing cock, slide right into my tight little button hole, making me moan and squirm. As i am feeling every stroke it takes my breath away and my head lighten, begging for more i can feel my juices running from my little tight ass down to to my dripping pussy.
I feel the first lash of the whip onto my pert little cheeks! it took my breath away as i think about the sexual excruciating pain that is also indescribably pleasurable as he carry's on thrusting deep into my tight ass.I cant help but squeezing onto his shaft which makes him moan and pulsate inside me. As i feel the arch of his back thrusting against my juicy bum, i feel his cock ready to explode into my domain. i clench my toes as his cock erupts all over my button hole. i let out a sigh as the juices run down the back of my legs.

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