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I am The Temptress

Do you love being completely dominated and having your life, cock, wallet and head fucked by a stunningly powerful Goddess?

Does humiliation and constant Tease make your tiny pin dick hard?

Looking for a Mistress who will have you begging to cum? Who is tauntingly demanding as well as perfectly sensual and seductive?

Welcome to my twisted, delicious World of Fetish!
I don't keep secrets, I am a pro Dom and reveal everything to the ones who want to see it! Others are not my concern!
I would love to only be surrounded by truly submissive persons who know how to appreciate and reward a true Mistress!
I enjoy:
Orgasm Denial, Guided Masturbation, Humiliation,Tease and Denial Cross-dressing, Discipline, Domination,Strap-on training,Legs and Feet worship, Shoe and Heels.

Country: RO flag

Languages: EN flag

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VanessaOdette's Private Diary

The perfect Role added 22nd September, 2014, 15:11

In my opinion, the perfect Role for an accomplished Mistress is that of the Owner of a cuckold. I have noticed in time that men slaves who are cuckolds are able to please a Mistress in all ways.

Today's story start with Bryan who is a CEO for a major company, acts and looks like very manly in public but who likes acting like a sissy whore in private!

He is willing to offer everything just to be my sissy whore and I can have all the fun in the world with him, while making fun of his baby dick! He is able to support financially all I wish for and he is also my sissy maid! At first he wasn't so sure he wants to be a whore and a cleaner but I changed his mind easily when I made him pay for a male stud to come over and do what i told him to do!

Bryan was dressed in a French maid outfit, with stockings and high heels, I even made him put makeup over and paint his nails red; I asked him to dust the furniture and soon the Black stud appeared at the door! He never had a clue of what was about to happen!

While I ordered the Black stud to get naked and sat on the sofa I told Bryan to kneel in front of the Stud and start giving him a blowjob! I could see him panicked, he had never done this before but he did exactly what I commanded! The Black Stud was shocked as well but I yelled at him that just by doing what I tell him to do he will get paid!

Bryan started sucking the guy slowly at the beginning then he started chocking with that huge cock as it got hard as a rock! I was so pleased to see my whore doing a good blowjob then I could see the Stud getting hornier by the minute that passed so I ordered Bryan to get in doggy on the floor and lift his sissy skirt and just let the Stud fuck his man pussy. As the Black Stud starting pounding his ass I could see how much my sissy cuckold was enjoying and not long after I could see his baby penis starting to cum....

Ever since then I know I can have absolutely everything! Money, pleasure and an obedient whore! X

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