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"Undress me with your words" 16:02

VeronicaG: 29, Caucasian, Average
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VeronicaG's Description

Hi I'm Veronica G, or as some might call me, MS. GoodHead..I'm outgoing, open minded, playful and sweet, and I have a naughty side! I take Belly Dancing, and Salsa to keep fit, and believe me, a few shakes of my hips can have you standing at attention! I can also tie a knot in a cherry stem with my tongue, just think of what I could do to you!

Personal Number: 0664

My naughty secret: My naughty secret? I am sneaky, love going out w/ married men & doing all the kinky things that their wives are to shy to do. The married guys treat me like a sexy goddess & and I get off on it.

I would love to: I would love to know what your naughty interests are? Have you any sexy secrets, have you any fetishes? If you are into certain things, and cant share them with your partner, you can always share them with me!

I'm expert in: I'm an expert when it comes to oral sex, and kinky fetishes, and when it comes to role play, I have so many outfits to dress up in!

Country: US flag

Languages: EN flag

Last Online:
11 hours ago

VeronicaG's Private Diary

Woke up creamy added 6th February, 2019, 14:29

Woke up this morning, with my satin sheets caught between my long, slender legs.
I laid there in a dreamy state, half awake, half asleep and slowly began to fantasize about having 2 men at once. Having one guy rubbing his stiff cock in my face and the other guy rubbing his cock against my perky tits.

I could feel the heat between my inner thighs and slowly reached down to caress, to rub my pussy lips. I felt the familiar tingle, warmth, then the moistness of myself, I felt myself getting creamy.

I couldn't help it, I fingered myself until I orgasmed, then stuck my finger under my nose to smell myself, then stuck my finger in my mouth to taste myself.

Am I wicked? or just sex crazed?

Lust you, Veronica Goodhead xox

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