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"let me suck your cock till you explode" 22:03

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VivaciousVix's Description

Hey guys, I'm the only Vivacious Vixen, guaranteed to make you hard. Come and let me suck that beautiful big hard cock of yours whilst my pussy cream runs down my leg..you want to lick it off? I want you to come all over my face and big 36C tits cum in my mouth face fuck me.. I have the curviest ass ever mmmh come and whip it spank me use me as your whore..once you've sampled the rest then try the best come on you know you want to xx

See you soon guys xxx
Maybe because I'm the "girl next door" I get a lot of attention. My neighbour has a 20 yr old son who I used to invite around to do odd jobs while my partner was away. Odd how he never used to get any of the jobs done, so I'll just have to keep getting him around till these shelves get put up!
Well I did have a gangbang recently with 10 guy's! . So my new Would Love To: Get down and dirty with a few women and men. A real dirty gangbang. Hmm mmmm. ...Let's get it going xx
The ultimate BJ queen. I just love a rock hard man thrusting his cock into my mouth, tasting his cream, making him want more and more...And when he's done, watching him quiver :-)

Country: GB flag

Languages: EN flag

Last Online:
18 Apr 2019

VivaciousVix's Private Diary

I'll never forget..... added 21st April, 2018, 23:39

Wow. So last night (Friday 20th) I went out with a male friend (just friends, nothing else). We had a nice meal then went off to the clubs. My friend decided after an hour of drinking and dancing that he wanted to head home:(.

After a few minutes he said he was ok with leaving me on my own, so out I stayed:)

I headed to the bar for a drink, knowing that someone would offer me a drink..and yes.. they did.. in fact 3 men came up to me within a few seconds of me sitting down..

Naturally I won't decline, and with 3 of them I knew I'd have some fun.

Gary, Mitch and James.

Gary asked me very directly if I'd be up for some group fun.

The other 2 guys were obviously into it also..so yes...

They had a room already booked and paid for, so we went there and got down and dirty... here's what I remember:

Gary, Mitch and James all naked.. forced me onto the bed, then removed my top, showing my very skimpy bra, then they remove my bra, showing my large erect nipples..mm I was looking forward to this.
My skirt was torn off me (almost gutted as it cost a few quid!) To all their suprise, I wasn't wearing any underwear... My glistening pussy all wet with excitement was in full view of them. Gary was very quick to climb onto me.. and begin thrusting his hard 8inch cock into my yearning pussy. Mitch opened my mouth and slid his cock deep into my mouth, making me gag. I soon adapted.
James whispered something to Gary who got off me. James laid down and pulled me onto him, then Gary moved to my mouth.. Mitch came in from behind and slid his cock into me ass. Wow. That made me wetter.. I grabbed Gary's cock and sucked as hard as I could, cupping his hairy ball's as with each thrust from James and Mitch made me gag more on Gary's cock.

I could feel Gary's cock throb, James grabbed my tits and ran one of his hand down towards my clit, rubbing with each hard thrust from Mitch.
I looked up at Gary, his eyes closed. I grabbed his cock hard, licked the tip and he soon began to cum.. he shot everything inside my throat, I had to swallow every drop of course.

Gary insisted my mouth stay around his cock..
James lifted his hips to force more of his cock into me.. each time harder and harder. This was too much for Mitch so he came hard deep into my ass.. I felt his cock slide out and all his cum dripping down from my ass onto James's balls. He moved away and sat down. Gary decided to follow.. now James was still going strong. He was a big guy with a decent sized cock.. he grabbed my hips and flung me over. Held my hands down on the bed above my head. He lifted himself to pull out of my pussy then rammed as hard as he could into me. Ohhh , yeh.. that's good baby I said.. harder and harder... Mmm.

He picked up the pace and went harder and faster. I could barely breathe with each contraction of my pussy. My ass was wet, his balls slapping into my ass making a wet sticky noise. He gave one final thrust and I felt him cum, he moaned and removed his cock just in time to cum all over my belly... I loved it!.

I don't remember getting home. But here I am, safe and sound, sticky and sore!.

Will you be next to conquer me??

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