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Yezenya: 21, Other, Slim
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Yezenya's Description

I will get you so turned on, you will be begging me to stop! You will be cumming so much and you will wish I was there to lick it all up! I want to be your sex slave, the only thing that would turn me on more than your voice on my phone right now would be you in my bed, but we can pretend.

Personal Number: 4499

My naughty secret: I am constantly horny and always wet. Every night I have to give myself the sexual release I have been craving all day. I slide my fingers into my dripping pussy and play with myself until I cum

I would love to: I would love you to take me roughly and fuck me so hard in ALL of my holes. I want to get you so turned on to the point I crave you cumming all over me! I can just imagine it now, mmmm call me.

I'm expert in: Oral sex, there's nothing I love more than sucking on a nice hard dick Once you cum, I keep sucking until I get you hard again!

Country: GB flag

Languages: EN flag

Last Online:
3 days ago

Yezenya's Private Diary

Uber driver fucked me raw - took my virginity! added 9th March, 2017, 00:09

After an intense gym session, I decided to wind down and take a yoga class to relax myself.
Instead of relaxing, I felt HORNY!! The stretching and laying on my back with my legs open was making me crave a large thick cock deep inside of me.
Once the class was over I ordered an uber and went outside to wait for him to arrive.
He didn't take long to arrive and I was still feeling so turned on it didn't help that he was a sexy older guy.
He was quite talkative and told me he used to be a personal trainer. He started giving me tips and I noticed him checking me out. He told me how sexy my body looked and it was then I knew he craved me as much as I craved him.
Next thing I knew we was down a dark one way street and I was now no longer a passenger in the back. But in the driver seat sat on top of his thick dick. Mmm I was cummjng all over his dick as I bounced up and down grinding on that sexy cock. We both came, but it wasn't over. He picked me off his dick and pushed me face first into the seat next to the drivers. His dominance was making me dripping wet again. He spread my legs apart and started licking my pussy. Mmm it felt so good. Then his tounge came up to my asshole and he began teasing my hole with his tongue.
"Ever taken it in the ass" he asked.
It felt so good I could barely get the words out "never"
"Well tonight you're gonna lose your anal virginity"
I moaned out in excitement. He pushed my head further into the seat and before I knew it my asshole was being filled with his massive cock! Mmm it was delicious.

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