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"Hi sexy guys" 23:13

TiffanyLovell: 28, Caucasian, Average

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TiffanyLovell's Description

Hi guys! I'm Tiffany - a gorgeous blonde with curves in all the right places, and a nice handful of boobs for you to ogle! I look forward to shaking my thing and getting you hot under the collar on Xpanded TV!

Personal Number: 3369

My naughty secret: me and my friends was really drunk once and ended up having a really sexy orgy with each other, thank god all are boyfriends trusted us to go away again cause the second time was even better then the first

I would love to: I would love to have sex with an older guy,or a business man, i'd love to pull him by the tie, rip of his shirt kiss his body all over and ride him till he came up my blonde tight pussy

I'm expert in: Stripping, Adult cams, Phone sex chat, masturbation, dressing up, high heels and lingerie, fetishes and roleplays!

Country: GB flag

Languages: EN flag

Last Online:
7 hours ago

TiffanyLovell's Private Diary

dear sexy diary added 4th March, 2019, 23:35

dear diary, today i seen my ex mother in law bragging about how my ex and his new girlfriend are doing, and how their new house is so amazing, like i was arsed i can remember how boring her son was in bed,and the thought of him and his girlfriend christening the new bedroom made me feel sorry for her. i remember when i was with him yes he had a beautiful body and sexy as hell to look at but he was born that way nothing he achieved he was just lucky, he had a bigdick but never knew what to do with it, so one day i bought my self a vibrator and used it in the shower, it made me come more times in the first minute of using it then he ever did in the whole relationship, as i was screaming and enjoying my new toy my ex walked in on me, jealous of my new toy, he went crazy and asked what the fuck i was doing
.i told him that i cant handle his lazy ways in the bedroom,and i dont like the way he wont let me express my self fully sexually when were making love, i told him their was nothing to be angry for because at least i never cheated on him,he told me i may as well have cheated, so he went out that night and i couldnt wait to go back to my new toy it was my guilty pleasure the thought of opening my legs wide to feel the pretend dick spinnng around inside me made me feel naughty and sneeky like i was having an affair the best sexual feeling i had for the past 2 years boring sex with my ex didnt bother me any more cause i knew as soon as he was out the pretend dick would be out to and up me i started getting a bit obsessed with it the best time i had with it was in fact a summers day i had a white dress on i lifted up my dress pulled my kickers to my knees and sat on it that was on top of the stairs i was in a world of my own in full etc riding it and loving it sitting on it grinding feeling pussy pulsate taking every inch, then my ex barged through the door as i came i opened my eyes after having the time of my life he was mortified his face said it all so did his friends face and the girlfriends face who hes with now say it all, it was shameful getting caught the way i did but am so happy that my toy reminded me how fucking fab my pussy is, how bumping into that one person can trigger of so many memories, good night diary

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