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Private diaries

Lovelylynda 2 days ago
Time on my hands
Hi guys, well what can I say ..... as you all know I just love sex, I can't get enough and I'm only happy when I'm getting a good hard fucking!!!!!!!
Well for some reason I haven't been getting it as regular as I'm used to and it's making me very very frustrated, so what's a girl to do???
Well I've got myself a new toy, it's a fab little thing and makes me cum nice and hard, I bet you would all like to see that wouldn't you????
Well guess what I'm going to have a nice little play again tomorrow and I'm going to video it so you can all see it too........,watch this space xxxxx
SweetMarkey 3 days ago
Cock Sucking Madame
"My fucking throat is so damn dry. I need some milk to help me quench my thirst!" That is what I told my unsuspecting neighbor when he brought in the mail for me. Of course I used that as an excuse for him to see my exotic dirty ass. If I had my choice clothes would be considered illegal. Its so much better show off my BBW curves.

I am not afraid to admit it. I love being a large plump bitch! More cushion for the pushing is what the motto says. So I was going to give my neighbor all he needed and more. Yes, he was a little hesitant because he was used to skinny thin bitches. But once he got the handle to this over sized Black Whore he couldn't let go! And neither could I! When I slurped his flesh pole he begged me stop.

But I stayed on my knees letting these mocha colored lips drain his nuts! Thats what Cock Sucking Madame would do anyway!
Exocitic 4 days ago
Pulled Over
I was driving the other day to the grocery store, and got pulled over for speeding. The officer asked could he see my license I looked at him and said sorry sir but it hasn't been posted to me yet and then he asked may I see some form of ID shit I think to myself. I told him I did not have one on me he then says ma'am please step out of the vehicle. I step out if the vehicle and the officer looks me and begins to blush it is only after about two minutes of me awkwardly waiting for him to do the next procedure do I realize that the back of my skirt is tucked into my pants oh fuck I think to myself. I look down to avoid eye contact and see that he has a boner, and is staring directly at my ass. He then tucks his clipboard down in between his arm and takes a step forward and whispers I will let you off this once while he rubs my pants. Okay I grin and then I tell him I'm a virgin and he asks you birth control I nod we go into the back of my car I unzip his pants and begin to blow on his cock just to tease him I lick his balls and suck his cock he grabs the back of my head until he cums. I then kiss him and gently take his cock and out it in me and first it's painful but then he feels good omg yes please. Afterwards we exchange numbers and head our separate ways he says now your one naughty girl I giggle and drive off.
SatineBlue 5 days ago
Welcome to my Tantra Experience
I weave many experiences, skills, and knowledge into my work. From studies and practices in energy work, sacred sexuality, Tantra, and male/female differences, I have created a practice that is pleasurable, nurturing, and expanding. My sensual nature naturally leads to an affinity for connection. My passion is sharing my presence and wisdom to increase your pleasure and awareness to gain health, happiness, and harmony.

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